Magic for emergencies: the Helios Stele

Readers may recall the mirror box binding I performed in 2017 on an individual who was harassing my family  -  long story short, a landgrabber fraudulently claimed part of our ancestral farmland in Portugal as his (the exact opposite is true according to the old property deed); he began making threats, things severely escalated between him and one of my relatives, and so I decided to petition Set against the individual, after which the situation suddenly abated. Not a stir from the man for over two years, until a month ago, when he tore down the fence between the two properties and began plowing over on our side, presumably to annex it. My relative was furious, as was I...

Besides teaching me that restraining rites have a finite duration, the incident impelled me to try a different approach. As mentioned in the past, I still have misgivings about using magic for harm - even if justified - though I would go that far if all other options were exhausted.

I decided to try something wholl…

The healing liturgy of Asklepios

A few months ago I began working with Asclepius, the Greek God of healing, on behalf of a family member who was experiencing an particular ill-boding symptom, nearly always suggestive of a very grave illness. I was already working with a Decan for another serious affliction this person suffers from, with some mitigating success.

Since the symptom was indicatory of a more generalized condition, and the Decans are ascribed specific body parts, I decided to attack it through another method. I thus chose Asclepius, the supreme healer, to assist in this endeavour. My family member underwent tests on these symptoms, and thankfully they came back negative. I am eternally grateful to Asclepius for this turn of events.

During the initial ritual, I made a vow to the God to publish an expanded form of that rite as a liturgy (which is posted here as promised to Him), and make a donation to a hospital in His name should the desired result be accomplished.
There are conflicting avenues to ensuring …

A modern Orphic hymn to Euros the eastern Wind

Among the traditional Orphic hymns, none is found for Euros, the East wind (presumably because of its negative associations in Greek religion). I decided to fill the gap by creating such a hymn, based on primary sources and following the same pattern and length as those of the other three.
Tempestuous eastern gale, scion of comely Dawn, Ever tossing the whirling seas in frightful waves. Hailing from light-giving regions, yet dreadful and terrible, Showering land and sea with rains unceasing. Be thou merciful unto us, and abate thy fury, Gracing us with gentle breezes from thy lofty realm

Forays into the Coptic Magical Papyri

Over the last month, I have conducted some experiments with an invocation from a Coptic magical papyrus (Cairo 45060). Being the direct successors of the earlier PGM material, the Coptic magical papyri (henceforth CMP), are a good corpus for PGM practitioners to safely explore and even incorporate into existing workings. The CMP consist primarily of magical rites derived from Sethian Gnosticism, interspersed with some earlier PGM material, and strongly Christianized.
Cairo 45060 forms part of a genre I refer to as the polyvalent omnivalentformula, an invocation or prayer that has several different uses (which usually follow it in the surviving texts), and often can be employed for just about anything. Several of them occur in the CMP, most of them published in Marvin Meyer's "Ancient Christian Magic" (whence the present one is taken). One of the most impressive ones in my opinion is a long, liturgical Sethian invocation, published in "A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Po…

Communing with a genius loci: a basic rite

In the countryside around my grandmother’s village in southern Portugal, there is a unique and beautiful grove (pictured above), full of birch trees which, while not entirely unheard of, are extremely rare in this otherwise dry Mediterranean region. On visiting it over the years, I have been struck by its lush beauty - it truly gives the impression of a ‘natural temple’, and is a wonderful spot for meditation (though in summer, the countless insects make this very challenging).
I eventually decided to perform a ritual there (summer 2016), offering wine and incense to the local deity in traditional Mediterranean fashion, and communing with it. At the end of the ritual, I hoped for a sign that my offering had been accepted so I could leave (the numerous insects flying around me were making the stay rather difficult). At that point, a piece of bark fell from a tree directly in front of me, falling loudly about 6 feet from where I was kneeling. I took that as a sign that the ritual was suc…

Recommended Facebook occult & spiritual groups

Facebook has become the central hub for public esoteric discussion in recent years, where Yahoo and independent forums used to reign. With the overwhelming quantity of groups, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak, and to identify forums in which fruitful discussion and serious learning can be had.

Most occult discussion groups are excessively lax, and freely allow irrelevant topics to flood their feed (motivational quotes, aliens/UFO's, conspiracy theories, or irrelevant New Age subjects masquerading as occultism, for which there are already plenty of specialized forums; politics and social issues also creep in all too often).  Others are at the opposite end of the spectrum, stifling productive discussion with draconian censorship and power games.

The forums I list below stand out as beacons of light in the static of the internet, which have avoided the above pitfalls, and wherein a harmonious climate of learning, cooperation, and high quality exchange…

Sufi planetary magic

I present here a selection of Sufi magical lore and rites, translated by myself from the Spanish edition of the Shamsu l-Ma'arif, arguably the most important Islamic magical text ever written. I have not experimented with these techniques, and have little familiarity with Sufism generally, but my curiosity impelled me to translate some of the text's methods of planetary theurgy. Despite not practicing this tradition, I can attest to the tremendous power inherent in long, continuous recitation of Names, which is a recurrent method in Sufism, and which I apply to the traditions I practice.
The Shamsu l-Ma'arif has its own rich collection of planetary magic squares, which differ from the more common Qameas we use in the west. The selections I have published here involve the use of particular titles of God in conjunction with different planets for various uses, as well as specific letter & number squares to be used as talismans to produce the intended effects - in some inst…